Motorcycle Personal Injuries – The Reinecke Law Firm

spinal-cord-injuryOur clients from motorcycle accidents sustain physical injuries including broken bones, spinal cord injuries, bruises or road rash, lacerations, and other physical injuries. These types of injuries are normally immediately visible to the naked eye or in the form of imaging technologies such as a CT scan, X-rays or MRI. These physical visible injuries can also be documented by your doctor or emergency room physician and are the most treatable types of injuries. They are easily identified and responsive to health care treatment plans.

In our motorcycle accident cases, the most obvious and quite often times the most difficult types of injuries to treat are those invisible injuries, especially spinal cord injuries or closed head injuries. These types of invisible injuries may not be evidenced by irrefutable objective, tangible proof such as an MRI, X-ray, or CT scan. A strange muscle, torn ligament, cervical disc herniation, or closed head injuries are examples of these types of serious motorcycle injuries with serious physical damages to our clients? bodies that can be difficult to diagnose or document by objective graphic proof.

Motorcycle accidents often result in what is called soft-tissue injuries. This is usually caused by an acceleration/deceleration or twisting or torque movement of the muscles or tendons in the body. The exaggerated twisting, jerking, or distortion of your head, neck, or spine upon impact may cause tremendous forces upon your spine and neural-muscular system that supports your entire structural framework. Immediately after an accident, there is normally shock or adrenaline that goes into the body that keeps you from immediately feeling the effects of an injury.

As such, at the accident scene, when a police officer asks you if you are injured, you may, while in shock, say “no.” And the police report will document that you were not injured in the accident, and be typed up as a “non-injury traffic collision report.”

Often, it is not until several hours or sometimes several days after a motorcycle accident that the serious debilitating affects of one’s injuries makes themselves prominent or known. Normally, they make themselves known with severe pain, impaired mobility, or partial or total disability.