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Protecting the Rights of Dog Bite Victims

In California, dog owners can be held strictly liable for any injuries caused by their pets. If you have been bitten by a dog, you are entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages from the attack.

At the Reinecke Law Firm, we represent postal carriers, utility employees, delivery persons, children, and other people injured by dog attacks throughout Southern California.

Is the Owner Always Liable?

The dog owner may still assert that the injured person was somehow negligent or otherwise provoked the dog. If you or a loved one has been injured by a dog, you should immediately seek advice from a lawyer who has experience handling these cases.

Many California communities have local ordinances which require that a dog be restrained by a leash on public property. If you or a family us bitten by an unleashed dog on public property, the owner may be negligent for violating the local leash law.

Dog Bites Covered By Homeowner's Insurance

Damages in dog bite cases are usually covered by the owner's homeowner's insurance . Those damages can be expensive since dog bites often cause significant emotional and physical injuries and can result in lasting disfigurement.

Attorney Tom Reinecke can fully investigate the dog bite incident to determine if there is insurance coverage for your losses.

Representing Children in Dog Bite Attacks

Sadly, children are the most frequent victims of dog attacks and often suffer injuries to the face. Dog bite injuries can cause nerve damage, facial fractures or permanent scarring, which often means future plastic or reconstructive surgery will be necessary. A simple laceration or puncture wound may cause a lifelong deformity in a young child.

The memory of a dog attack can also result in psychological and emotional injury and lifelong difficulty being near animals. If your child needs counseling as a result of a dog attack, he or she should be compensated for those costs.

Attorney Tom Reinecke frequently places compensation for children into structured settlement annuities which provide for a college trust fund or future income.

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If you are looking for an Orange County Dog Bite Lawyer, please see additional information.

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