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Orange County Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Do's and Don'ts

The road to making a successful personal injury claim is covered with potholes and speed bumps. If you believe another driver was at fault for your accident, you must prove that he or she was negligent and that negligence was the legal cause of your injuries and damages. Proving fault can be difficult, especially when the other driver's insurance company is working to undermine your case.

While information on who was fault can be obtained from a California Traffic Collision Report, this report may be inadmissible in court. Only an experienced attorney knows what evidence needs to be collected and preserved in order to prove your case. That evidence may include witness statements, the wrecked vehicles themselves, and testimony from accident reconstruction experts.

As your orange county car accident lawyer, Tom Reinecke will investigate liability, find and preserve evidence, battle the insurance company, and seek compensation for your injuries and damages from all available sources, including your own uninsured or underinsured motorists' coverage.

Car Accident Do's:

Do go to a doctor without delay and do follow the doctor's advice. It is important to document your injuries without delay. You should also follow your doctor's advice and keep ALL doctor appointments.

Do record all the information you can about the accident immediately. This includes taking pictures - lot's of pictures from all angles and various distances including the road and skid marks and any signs. Also take pictures of your injuries if they are visible and take pictures every day until they are no longer visible. Also record the names of witnesses, and any comments made by them or the other driver especially if they apologize or admit wrongdoing. Write everything down in exact words.

Do file a report with the police.

Car Accident Don'ts

Don't sign anything. Don't give up your rights by signing a quick settlement offer from the insurance company.

Don't give a recorded statement or discuss your accident or injuries with anyone, except your doctor. If you are contacted by a representative of the at-fault driver's insurance company, you should never make a recorded statement or attempt to diagram the accident without seeking a lawyer's advice. Talking to the insurance adjuster yourself will never help, and can actually kill, your case.

Don't Stop Going to the Doctor. You should continue going to the doctor as long as your doctor recommends that you continue treating. Significant gaps in treatment, missing doctor's appointments, failing to undergo recommended procedures, and failing to take prescribed medications can reduce the value of your claim. A negligent defendant is not obligated to pay damages if the damages were caused or made worse by the injured person's failure to follow the doctor's recommendations.

Don't Post on Social Media Outlets about your accident or injury or anything related to it. It is especially important not to post pictures of yourself at any time after the accident or pictures of the accident.

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