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The Reinecke Difference

If you or a family member has been in involved in an accident you are searching the Internet to find the best attorney for your case. You need to look at reputation, location and results. But you also should look for an attorney who personally understands you, your injuries and your case.

There are three types of law firms on the Internet. The first type of law firm has what is called a "general practice" and they handle many types of cases from dog bites, to estate planning to divorce. They are generally large, impersonal and you are known more by your file number than your name.

The second type of law firm on the Internet is the "referral law firm" also known as a "Law Group" or "Network". They sign you up and then refer you out. They get a referral fee and you and your file gets sent to an unknown lawyer.

However The Reinecke Law Firm is a real law firm, with real lawyers who get real results!

Tom Reinecke

California Injury Lawyer
California Injury Lawyer Tom Reinecke

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Recent Case Results

  • $4.3 Million - Spinal Cord Injury. After 3 other attorneys had the case, we substituted in as counsel were successful in obtain a multi-million dollar settlement.
  • $2.1 Million - Construction Accident- The client fractured his leg in a fall. Liability was disputed.
  • $930,000.00 - Motorcycle Accident- the other driver made a left turn into our client. causing a leg fracture. (Partial List 2016)

  • more case results